Scientific Team Project



Lecturer:  Prof. Gunter Saake
Organiser: Gabriel Campero Durand
Supervisor: Paul Blockhaus, Sadeq DarrabBalasubramanian Gurumurthy, Victor Obionwu




  • Bachelor: This course can be credited in "Wahlpflichtfach FIN Schlüssel- und Methodenkompetenz" (WPF FIN SMK) for study courses CSE;B, INF;B, WIF;B and CV;B in the 5./6. semester (corresponding module handbooks HERE)
  • Master: This course can be credited in "Wissenschaftliches Teamprojekt" (WTP) for the study courses CSE;M, INF;M, WIF;M, CV;M, DKE;M, DigiEngi;M and IntDesEng;M (corresponding module handbooks HERE)
  • In the first week we will present a small programming task that we will do to test your programming skills. 


  • The introductory session will be held on 12-Apr at 11:00 AM in G22-A room 119
  • The programming test will take place on: 26-Apr at 7:00 PM in G22-A room 119
  • Please join us, to discuss about Academic Writing and Project Organization, on 26-Apr and 3-May, at 11:00 AM in G22-A room 119
  • We moved to Moodle for all Material: Moodle



The course is important for students who are interested in current research trends in the field of databases, modern hardware, and forensics. Especially, this course is a good starting point for students who intend a scientific carrer. 

Educational Goals

In this course, attendee's soft skills are strengthened and applied on a small project in the field of databases, modern hardware, and forensics. These soft skills include apart from the project completion:

  • Team management
  • Project- und time management
  • Präsentation of intermediate results

The projects are handled by teams of 3-5 persons.

Course content

Each of the related projects consists of two parts: a theoretical and a practical part. The first, theoretical part consists of a literature review of existing approaches of each project topic. The found approaches have to be worked in a structured format (eg, classification, evaluation, etc.) and the results are written as a final report in the form of a scientific paper (8-10 pages). The written report must meet the requirements of a scientific publication and will be evaluated afterwards. The second, practical part consists of a relevant topic for the project implementation. Details will be announced in the 1. lecture or in the meeting of project teams (exercise dates). During the event, each team will also hold 5 intermediate presentations (15 minutes) in which the current state is worked up / progress of the project. These presentations will take place at predetermined timess. The conclusion of the event also provides a presentation and delivery of the written report.

Hint: A big part of the course has to be performed in autonomous work -- either alone, or in the team. Thus, all attendees should plan one day per week (8-10 hours) to work on the project.


The template and corresponding hints for the paper can be found at:  IEEE CS Two Column Format
LaTeX user should us the following command:

\documentclass[10pt, conference, compsocconf]{IEEEtran}

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