Database Concepts (DB1 Eng)


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake
Lecture: LSF-Entry
Exercise Instructor: Dr. David Broneske, Aman Kalra, Prasanna Ramesh, Victor Obionwu
Exercise: LSF-Entry
Material: Moodle-Link

Exam Requirements

  • 60 percent of the exercise tasks need to be prepared


  • The first exercises have to be submitted by 1st of May and will be discussed in the week of 4th of May.
  • The registration for the exercise is done using LSF until 01.05.2020.
  • The course will start in the week of 20th of April.
  • Link to SQLValidator for checking your SQL statements.



  • Motivation and History
  • Background Concept and Architecture
  • Data Models for Design
  • Data Models for Implementation
  • Database Design and Data Definition
  • Query and Update Operations
  • Relational Database Languages
  • Database Application Programming
  • Integrity Constraints, Transactions and Triggers
  • Views and Access Control

The Material will be posted on Moodle: here.





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