Distributed Data Management


Lecturer:  Dr. Eike Schallehn
Lecture:  LSF-Entry
Exercise:  LSF-Entry

Exam requirements

  • The exam will take place as a written exam. Registration using the LSF/HISQUIS system is required according to the general procedures.
  • Participation in the lecture and in the exercise is required.


  • Exercises are delayed and will now start in the 4th week of the lecture period, i.e. the first will be on Nov 7th and Nov 9th
  • The lecture starts in the first week of the teaching period.


  • Overview and classification of distributed data management (distributed DBMS, parallel DBMS, fedrated DBMS, P2P)
  • Distributed DBMS: architecture, distribution design, distributed query processing and optimization, distributed transactions, and transactional replication
  • Parallel DBMS: fundamentals of parallel processing, types of parallelization in DBMS, parallel query processing.


Lecture handouts will be made available here over the course of the lecture.

Exercise sheets  will be made available here over the course of the lecture.


Literature references and recommended readings are listed in the lecture handouts.


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