Data Management for Engineering Applications


Lecturer:  Dr. Eike Schallehn
Lecture:  LSF-Entry
Exercise:  LSF-Entry

Exam requirements

  • The exam will take place as a written exam. Registration using the LSF/HISQUIS system is required according to the general procedures.
  • Participation in the lecture and in the exercise is required.


  • Starting November 26th the Monday exercise will take place in room G22A-105 at the usual time.
  • Because of the high number of students a new room G50-H3 will be used, but for the first week of the semester there are some previous reservations for the new room. Accordingly, the lecture will take place as follows
    • Oct 22nd: G02-111 (old room)
    • Oct 29th:G50-H3 (new room)
    • Nov 5th: G02-111 (old room)
    • Nov 12th: G50-H3 (new room)
    • Starting Nov 12th the lecture will always take place in room G50-H3.
  • G50-H3 ist the big auditorium in buidling G50 in Große Steinernetischstraße, close to Breiter Weg. Please check the CampusFinder.
  • Exercises will start on November 5th (Monday slot) and November 9th (Friday slot)


  • Specific requirements of engineering applications
  • Overview of suitable data management solutions (database models, XML, file storage)
  • Specific solutions, e.g. CAD and geometrical data, electronical data, etc.
  • Product lifecycle management


Lecture handouts will be made available here over the course of the lecture.

  1. Intro.
  2. Motivation
  3. Background
  4. Data Models
  5. Product Data
    1. Geometry Data
    2. Electronic Data
  6. Product Lifecycle Management


Exercise sheets  will be made available here over the course of the lecture.



Literature references and recommended readings are listed in the lecture handouts.


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