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Here, you can find information about our currently offered courses. 

Topics for theses, job offers as well as our templates can be found here: Thesis/Jobs.

Courses in Winter Semester
Courses in Summer Semester
For Bachelors Students For Bachelor Students
 Datenbanken (Datenbanken I)  Datenmanagement
 Implementierungstechniken für  SoftwareProduktlinien*  Datenbanken II (Datenbankimplementierungstechniken)*
For Master Students For Master Students
 Data-Warehouse-Technologien  Advanced Database Models
 Data Management for Engineering  Applications  Advanced Topics in Databases
 Distributed Data Management  Database Concepts (DB1 English)*
 Transaction Processing  Management of Global Large IT-Systems in International Companies 
 Software Testing  Student Conference
 Softwareprojekt: Plugin-Entwicklung mit Eclipse
Softwareprojekte zum IT-Projektmanagement: Verschiedene Themen
Wissenschaftliche Teamprojekte: Verschiedene Themen
Seminar on Modern Software Engineering and Database Concepts
Scientific Project: Databases for Multi-Dimensonal Data, Genomics, and modern Hardware
Digital Engineering Project - Variability Management for Mobile Embedded Systems
DigiEng Project on Variability Management for Robotics
*also for Master and/or Bachelor available


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