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Leturer:  Dr.-Ing. Sandro Schulze
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In this lecture, fundamental as well as advanced concepts of software testing are introduced. In particular, the following topics are covered:

  • Test Process (& its relation to software development process) and testing terminology
  • Foundations of static & dynamic testing
  • Concrete dynamic testing techniques (black-box, white-box), including corresponding test design techniques and coverage criteria
  • Foundations of Regression Testing
  • Advanced regression test selection techniques (prioritization, selection)
  • Fundamental concepts of debugging
  • Combinatorial interaction testing (motivation, challenges, techniques)
  • Testing of variable software systems (optional)
Syllabus (tentative)
Week Lecture Exercise
CW 41 (09.10.17) 1. Introduction ---
CW 42 (16.10.17) 2. Test Phases/Process Introduction to JUnit
CW 43 (23..10.17) 3. Dynamic Testing -- Black-Box Testing 1. Test phases
CW 44 (30.10.17) 4. Dynamic Testing -- White-Box Testing 2. Black-Box Testing
CW 45 (6.11.17) 5. Regression Testing -- Overview 3.White-Box Testing
CW 46 (13.11.17) 6. Regression Testing -- Prioritization 4. Regression Testing
CW 47 (20.11.17) 7. Regression Testing -- Test Case Selection 5. Test Case Prioritization
CW 48 (27.11.17) 8. Debugging -- Introduction 6. Test Case Selection
CW 49 (04.12.17) 9. Debugging -- Tracking Problems TBD
CW 50 (11.12.17) 10. Debugging -- Input Simplification 7. Tracking Problems
CW 51 (18.12.17) 11. Combinatorial Testing 8. Input Simplification
CW 02 (8.01.18) Model-based/variability testing OR guest lecture 9. Combinatorial Testing
CW 03 (15.01.18) --- ---
CW 04 (22.01.18) 12. Summary Q & A














The lecture takes place mondays, 1-3 pm in room G10-111


The exercise takes place mondays 11 am - 1 pm in room G05-211.
NOTE: we start at 11 am sharp!

Exercise assignments will be available in advance on the moodle page. Students are encouraged to solve these assignments in advance and results/questions will be discussed during the exercise.
You are allowed to form groups of two students to collaboratively solve the exercise assignments

NOTE: An exercise is not a repetition of the lecture. If there are neither questions nor discussions (based on your preparation), I am not willing to tell the same things twice.



  • M. Pezze and M. Young, “Software Testing and Analysis”, John Wiley 2008.
  • P. Ammann and J. Offutt, "Introduction to Software Testing", 2nd edition 2015.
  • A. Zeller: "Why Programs Fail: A Guide to Systematic Debugging", 2nd edition 2012.
  • A.Spillner & T. Linz, Basiswissen Softwaretest - Aus und Weiterbildung zum Certified Tester, 5.Auflage, 2012. (German only)

More literature, especially scientific papers, will be provided within the lectures.


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