Database Concepts (DB1 Eng)


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake
Lecture: LSF-Entry
Exercise Instructor: David Broneske, Naveen Gullipalli, Madhuri Hebbale 
Exercise: LSF-Entry

Exam Requirements

  • 60 percent of the exercise tasks need to be prepared
  • 4 tasks needs to be presented


  • The exercises start in the third week of lectures.
  • The registration for the exercise is done using an extra tool.
  • Link to SQLValidator for checking your SQL statements.



  • Motivation and History
  • Background Concept and Architecture
  • Data Models for Design
  • Data Models for Implementation
  • Database Design and Data Definition
  • Query and Update Operations
  • Relational Database Languages
  • Database Application Programming
  • Integrity Constrains, Transactions and Triggers
  • Views and Access Control


Slides/handouts for the lecture will be made available here during the running lecture.

Introduction (PDF)

  1. What are Databases? (PDF)
  2. Relational Databases, Data as Tables (PDF)
  3. Entity Relationship Model (PDF)
  4. Database Design (PDF)
  5. The Relational Query Language SQL
  6. Relational Database Design Theory
  7. Query Basics: Algebra & Calculus
  8. Transactions, Integrity & Triggers
  9. Views and Access Control
  10. Database Application Programming



  1. Exercise1 (16.04.-20.04.)
  2. Exercise2 (23.04.-27.04.)
  3. Exercise3 (30.04.-04.05. - SQLValidator can be used)

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