Gabriel Campero Durand

M.Sc. Gabriel Campero Durand

Fakultät Informatik
AG Datenbanken & Software Engineering
Universitätsplatz 2, 39106, Magdeburg, G29-125

Aktuelle Projekte



  • Leveraging AI Techniques in Building HTAP Databases supporting Network Analysis
  • HTAP: Benchmarking HTAP goals, Self-Tuning/Evolutionary Features, Machine Learning Components for Building and Tuning Databases, Reinforcement Learning and MABs in Data Management, Forecasts and Time Series Analysis for Data Management, Exploiting Novel Hardware/Heterogeneous HTAP (with a focus on GPUs), Adaptive Storage Models, Data Partitioning, Transaction Processing, Flexible/Probabilistic Index Structures, Approximate Query Processing, Code Generation, DSLs, Support for Data Science/Machine Learning Workloads, Larger Than Memory Data Management, Optimization for Shared Queries, Exploiting RDMA, Uses for Embeddings in Query Processing
  • Graph Databases and Network Analysis: Graph Query Languages, Query Processing and Optimization, Data Structures, Summarization and Embeddings, Search Engine Processing, Data Loading, Static/Dynamic Network Analysis, Scholarly Network Analysis, Workload Characterization, Fraud Detection
  • Multi-Model Databases: Supporting Non-Relational Models as Materialized Views in a RDBMS, Alternative Approaches for Primary Storage (Key-value Stores, Object Stores), Adaptive Schemas, Machine-Learning-supported management for data across models, Raw Query Processing
  • Cloud Workloads: Container Management, Tracing and Profiling of Large Scale Systems, Analysis of Performance Data, Hardware-Sensitivity for Cloud Applications, Verification of Distributed Systems with Fault Injection
  • Others: Large Scale Machine Learning, Sign-Language Translation, Big Code, Voice Interfaces for Data Systems, Speculative Parallelism, Intelligent Personal Assistants

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