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Efficient Dataset Import in Data Management Systems (Software Project)

25923988 Supervisor Marcus Pinnecke, M.Sc.
LSF-entry Softwareprojekt Datenbanken und Software Engineering
Credit points 6 CP 
Team work yes (up to 3 students)
Recommended Skills and Knowledge

Current State

For our scientific work, we are developing and researching on a modern hybrid database system, called MondrianDB. The storage engine of MondrianDB, the GridStore, is the component that you will touch during this project.

  • GridStore maintains a set of workloads (queries + tables)
    • active workloads are located in main-memory (MM)
    • passive workloads are located on disk
  • Transactions can manipulate tables currently stored in MM
  • Switching between workloads possible
    • the current active workload gets passive
    • a certain passive workload gets active
  • Switching is done via a Workload Switcher component
    • instantly loads tables from disk into MM
    • TableImage sub-system is used
  • A TableImage is a binary dump of a table intended for instant load
    • generic format (i.e., not bound to certain benchmark spec.)
    • Uses GridStore’s internal core API (e.g., fragments and tuplets)
    • TableImage files are generated outside the GridStore
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Current Toolchain

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Project Goal and Software Project Tasks

Future State

Future Toolchain

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Helpful lecture

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