Advanced Topics in Databases



Sebastian Breß
David Broneske
Gabriel Campero
Andreas Meister 
Marcus Pinnecke
Gunter Saake

Lecture:  LSF-Entry
Exercise Instructor:  Andreas Meister 
Exercise:  LSF-Entry
Exam requirements
  • Registration for an exercise via LSF
  • 60 percent of the exercise tasks need to be prepared
  • 3 tasks needs to be presented


  • You need to register for the exercise via lsf.
  • The registration deadline for the exercise is the 23.04.2017. 
  • The exercise will start on 26.04.2017.
  • Wihtin the exercise, also additional questions regarding content of the exercise tasks will be asked. Copying and reading an answer is not enough to pass the exercises.
  • We switched the "voting" procedure. For the "voting" of prepared tasks, please register for the course in the E-Learning-platform 
  • The results of the exam should be available via LSF. If you are interested in reviewing your exam, please contact Andreas Meister.
    We will organize the review before the start of next semester, and will announce the details as soon as all details are fixed.
  • The review of the exam will take place on 24.10.2017 at 12:00 in G29-130.


  • Most recent technological developments in data management.
  • Current scientific research being on the verge to wide usage in current applications
  • Topics of the lecture will frequently change in accordance with current research directions in the database community:
    • Indexing and storage techniques for new applications and data types,
    • Self-management capabilities of database management systems
    • Column-oriented DBMS
    • GPU-accelerated Datamanagement
    • Query Compilation
    • etc.


  1. Introduction
  2. Main-Memory DBMS I
  3. Main-Memory DBMS II


  1. Main-Memory DBMS I - CW 17
  2. Main-Memory DBMS II - CW 18


  • Additional references are included in each lecture slide

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